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              Anhui Gangli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Ganli Machinery) was formerly known as Huainan Gangli Cold Rolling Equipment Factory. In order to expend the development space, Gangli Machinery company invested 1.5 billion in Lu'an Economic and Technological Development Zone to build a steel machinery manufacturing equipment production base. Since its establishment in 1998, with its own technology and high-quality service, Customer have given a high reputation rating to Gangli Machinery.

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              Anhui gangli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Service:0564-3355899 Fax:0564-3352221 技術支持:六安鵬程網絡 后臺管理
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              Yang Jiming 

              Mobile phone number: +8618063055566


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              Barret Ong

              Number/whatsapp: +8618063055566 

              Phone number: 0564-3355899 
              Fax number: 0564-3352221 
              E-mail: 772190797@qq.com or anhuigangli@gmail.com

              Company address: Shouchun Road East of Lu'an City Economic and Technological Development Zone 

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